Pure Ceylon Tea

From Roots to Brew: A Journey Through Time

Ceylon tea has a long history dating back to the mid-1800s when coffee was the primary crop in Ceylon. However, by 1869 a blight devastated the coffee industry, leading to the uprooting of many coffee plants. This tragedy ultimately resulted in the creation of a new and long-lasting tradition that would be cherished worldwide - Ceylon Tea.

Tea seeds and young plants of the Assam Jat were imported in 1839 from the Botanical Gardens in Calcutta and planted as an experiment in the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens. Although some coffee planters also attempted to grow tea on their land, tea production didn't flourish as a commercial activity till the downfall of the coffee industry.


Ceylon Tea Goes Global: The First Shipment of Ceylon Tea

In 1867, a Scotsman, James Taylor, established the first official tea plantation in Ceylon at Loolecondera Estate as an alternative to coffee. The success of this plantation paved the way for many others to follow. In 1872, the first recorded shipment of tea was exported, weighing 23 pounds and valued at 58 rupees. The steam-ship 'Duke Argyll' carried the initial shipment of Ceylon tea to England in 1877.

Since then, Ceylon Tea has won the hearts of tea lovers around the world with its rich character in flavour, aroma, and appearance. We are honoured to deliver you the finest version of the world's most loved beverage for the longest time.

Tea craft: an art we have mastered.

Akbar Brothers' top-notch facility in Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, which spans 276,000 square feet, is the backbone of their exceptional Ceylon Tea exports. It is the largest tea manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka and is responsible for blending, processing, and packaging the finest Ceylon teas while ensuring their freshness and purity. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to incorporate the latest innovations in tea processing, resulting in consistently high-quality tea products. Every aspect of the tea-making process is carefully considered, from ingredient sourcing to leaf picking, withering, blending, and packaging. All processes follow internationally recognized best practices, and no compromises are made when it comes to producing and manufacturing the highest quality tea for consumers.


Supremacy in quality

To ensure the highest hygiene standards and minimize human contact, Akbar Brothers has automated their procedures in tea manufacturing. This guarantees that only the best quality tea reaches customers.

Akbar Brothers' tea manufacturing facilities follow strict protocols in processing and packaging, reflected by their various certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Good Manufacturing Practice, Fair Trade, and more. These certifications demonstrate their commitment to adhering to international standards. In the Sri Lankan tea manufacturing industry, the 'Lion Logo' on tea packs indicates the country of origin and the quality of Ceylon Tea. This logo is only awarded after a rigorous assessment of the manufacturing, packaging, and handling of tea. The 'Pure Ceylon Tea-Packed in Sri Lanka' slogan on the logo endorses Akbar Brothers' production of 100% pure Ceylon Tea, meeting the highest standards demanded by the world's tea industry.

The Akbar Brothers' vision of being Sri Lanka's premium brand of Ceylon Tea is realized in their manufacturing facility, which adheres to global industry standards to provide customers with the finest Ceylon Tea. To have such a trailblazer behind the production of Peacock Brand Tea is the only reassurance you need to sit back and relax with a luxury cup of the World's Best Ceylon Tea.

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Why Ceylon Tea?

A beverage that stands out from the rest for its supreme taste, quality and nutrients.

Ceylon tea, a variety of black tea grown and produced in Sri Lanka, is renowned for its unique taste and fragrance, thanks to the region's excellent soil and weather conditions. Sri Lanka is now a significant tea-producing country, and it exports tea to a number of markets worldwide.

A perfectly brewed cup of Ceylon Tea is surely what you have been looking for to reboot your lifestyle, and here is why;

1. A natural boost for your health

Black Tea is rich in antioxidants that aid in improving many health factors. With the anti-inflammatory properties of tea, any risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer will be reduced. Furthermore, researchers have found that tea can lower the risk of arthritis and reduce Blood Sugar and Cholesterol. For those who are keen to stay young, Tea is found to be a solution to reduce signs of premature aging. Not only for your physical health, but Tea is also a remedy to soothe your mind, as the soothing beverage can improve concentration and reduce anxiety and stress.

2. The cleanest tea in the world

Ceylon Tea was recognized as the 'Cleanest Tea of the World' by the Technical Committee of ISO. The reason for this recognition is the unmatched quality of Ceylon Tea. The process of manufacturing tea in Sri Lanka involves carefully handpicking the most tender leaves from the highlands of Sri Lanka. This disciplined process ensures that the natural flavor and other inherent qualities remain intact with the tea leaves. Later these leaves are withered, fermented, and sorted using advanced technology while maintaining cleanliness throughout the process. Thus, Ceylon Tea becomes the safest option for all tea enthusiasts.

3. A beverage with a heritage

Global tea culture runs back far more than 5000 years, and introducing Ceylon Tea to the world tea market made itself a pivotal juncture in the global tea tradition. Since the first tea bulk was exported from Ceylon to England in 1877, Ceylon Tea has become a pioneering figure in the industry evolving itself into more blends over time. That is why we believe a sip of Peacock Brand Tea will give you a virtual experience of the truly Ceylonese tea tradition.

4. A multifaceted beverage with something for everyone

Due to the variance in the elevation of Tea plantations in Sri Lanka, the taste profile of the tea grown in this region is also varied. Teas grown at elevations below 2000-ft above sea level, known as Low Grown Tea, have a dark leaf appearance and a strong reddish color of the brewed tea. High Grown Tea, grown at elevations above 4000-ft above sea level, is renowned for its lively and aromatic liquor, with a bright and brisk flavor. Thus, Ceylon Tea comes to you in a wide range of exquisite flavours for you to choose from.

5. Ethical, Sustainable, and Futuristic

In honour of Sri Lanka's commitment to comply with global environmental standards, Ceylon Tea was recognized as the world's first tea beverage to be named 'ozone-friendly.' All tea producers of Sri Lanka constantly strive to minimize its effect on the well-being of mother nature. Akbar Brothers Pvt Ltd, where Peacock Brand Tea comes from, is the first Carbon Inset Company in Asia. Not only do we care for the quality of the product, but we also pay attention to the quality of the process of tea production, having sustainability at our heart every step of the way.