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Ceylon Tea

World's Favourite Beverage


How it's crafted

Check out how your favourite Tea is crafted by the best tea masters in the industry.


Why Ceylon Tea?

A beverage that stands out from the rest for its supreme taste, quality and nutrients.


Quality Logo

Assured to be the Best by a Century-Long Legacy of Tea Pioneers.

Did you know that Akbar Brothers Pvt Ltd, the World's Largest Exporter of Ceylon Tea is the face behind Peacock Tea?

With the promise of delivering top-notch quality Ceylon Tea, Akbar Brothers Pvt Ltd is committed to preserving the inherent nutrients and freshness of the handpicked tea leaves. At their futuristic production plant, they abide by strict hygiene practices and utilize the latest technology to craft the finest tea blends ever to come into the market. With a family of tea connoisseurs behind our brand, you can be confident that the tea you enjoy and share with your loved ones is the most trusted choice in the market.

Why Choose Peacock Tea?

  1. The most authentic Ceylon tea brand on the market.
  2. Luxurious tea blends crafted by the world's best tea tasters.
  3. Quality guaranteed by the World's Largest Exporter of Ceylon Tea.
  4. Proven to deliver the best brew by millions of testimonials worldwide.
  5. A legacy of exceptional tea brought to you with love.

Fresh, authentic, and sensational to the core

Peacock Tea is nourished and nurtured in the mist-glazed mountains of Sri Lanka by the scorching sun, exemplary terroir, and roaring rains. The handpicked tea leaves are then undergone an orthodox production procedure at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility before coming to you.

We ensure the quality and originality of every sip you consume to be premium quality Pure Ceylon Tea. You are guaranteed to make a sophisticated choice evetime you choose to indulge in a cup of Peacock Brand Tea.

The Splendor of the universal favourite brew, expertly crafted by the World's Largest Exporter of Ceylon Tea.

Akbar Brothers Pvt Ltd,
the global leader of Ceylon Tea trade.

The Lion Logo - a symbol of authenticity

The Lion Logo, also known as the Ceylon Tea Symbol of Quality, is an emblem that authenticates tea producers meeting the rigorous standards of the Tea Board of Sri Lanka. This globally recognized logo is owned and trademarked by the Sri Lanka Tea Board.

The Tea Tasting Unit of the Sri Lanka Tea Board, along with the analytical laboratory, is responsible for evaluating the quality of the tea produced and exported from Sri Lanka. Only the tea producers that conform to the guidelines of the Tea Board of Sri Lanka and pass stringent quality assessments are able to use this symbol in their packaging. If the Lion Logo appears on your Peacock Brand Tea packaging, it assures you that you are consuming a cup of 100% Pure Ceylon Tea, produced at the very home of Pure Ceylon Tea- Sri Lanka.

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